• Carrot Muffins List

    Easy Carrot Muffins Recipe with Cream Cheese

    April 7, 2020Melanie

    These moist muffins with carrots and cream cheese are made with simple and healthy ingredients that almost everyone has at home! The muffins are very flavorful because of the spices. Due to the carrots and coconut oil, they turn out very moist. Additionally, I filled the muffins with a delicious vegan cream cheese cream. The combination is super delicious, they are perfect for Easter (but also beyond) and they are very easy to make.

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  • Vegan Chocolate Mousse

    Vegan Chocolate Mousse with Silken Tofu

    March 30, 2020Melanie

    Are you looking for a healthier chocolate mousse recipe? Then you have found the right recipe because this chocolate mousse consists mainly of silken tofu. This dessert is also sugar and gluten-free. Silken Tofu makes the Chocolate Mousse very creamy. With only 4 ingredients the recipe is very quick and easy to make. The perfect snack for all chocolate lovers like me! Chocolate Mousse – A healthier version I would never have thought that chocolate mousse could be prepared so light, fluffy and also healthier. Besides, it is quick and easy to make. You only need very few ingredients for…

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  • 15 easy plant-based meals

    15 easy plant-based meals – delicious recipes made with pantry staples

    March 23, 2020Melanie

    Delicious vegan and healthy dishes can be easily prepared with simple ingredients from your pantry. With these 15 simple Comfort Dishes, I would like to give you some inspiration for the kitchen. Whether you are vegan, vegetarian or omnivore, there is a dish for everyone. Today I have a very special post for you which I did not really plan at all. Because we are in a difficult time at the moment, I thought I could share some simple vegan recipes with you which you can easily cook or bake with pantry staples. Because of the coronavirus most of us…

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  • Scrambled Tofu Recipe

    Vegan scrambled Tofu recipe

    March 12, 2020Melanie

    This vegan scrambled tofu is very aromatic and absolutely delicious. The recipe is very similar to traditional scrambled eggs not only because of the consistency but also taste. The spices are very important for this dish. This recipe is an all-time favorite for breakfast! I must confess, I have eaten this recipe so many times in the last weeks and there is no end in sight. Unfortunately, I have had problems with my throat lately and so I have been wondering which filling and savory dishes I can eat for breakfast. So I had the idea to make scrambled tofu…

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  • Sweet Potato Curry

    Creamy Sweet Potato Curry Recipe

    February 25, 2020Melanie

    This is my new favorite curry! This creamy sweet potato curry is super tasty and healthy. It is also quick and easy to make. A feel-good dish that you have to try! I love sweet potatoes and I am very happy to present you my first recipe with sweet potatoes! Especially by adding Indian curry paste the dish has turned out very flavorful. I am a big fan of this meal and it will definitely be served more often 🙂 You can add the vegetables you like most. The mixture with spinach makes the curry even creamier and chickpeas are…

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  • Vegan Energy Balls Mini

    No-Bake Energy Balls with Dates and Raspberries

    February 17, 2020Melanie

    Snacking can be healthy? Definitely YES! These vegan Energy Balls with dates and raspberries are not only super tasty but also very filling and a great snack to-go. These Energy Balls are completely sugar and gluten-free. What have I wanted to try for a long time? Energy Balls! I actually bought them in the supermarket sometimes and I liked them very much. Energy Balls are also very high in nutrients and are a satisfying power snack. But buying one Energy Ball in the supermarket is very expensive and actually you can easily make them at home. Besides you will not…

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  • Granola Mini

    How to make Granola?

    February 4, 2020Melanie

    Do you buy Granola at the supermarket? It doesn’t have to be because you can easily make your own granola. Besides, you can combine granola the way you like it most! Granola is easy and quick to make. I have two granola recipes for you which are crunchy, healthy and absolutely delicious. I used to buy granola in the supermarket but actually, it is very easy to make granola at home. I often didn’t like the combination of the ready-made cereal, for example, I don’t like raisins in my muesli and besides, ready-made granola in the supermarket is often full…

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  • TIkka Masala Mini

    Vegan Tikka Masala with Tofu

    January 24, 2020Melanie

    Tikka Masala is a traditional dish from the Indian kitchen. This recipe contains a great variety of spices and is therefore very flavourful and unique. The creamy curry tastes super delicious in combination with the marinated tofu ( marinated in a yogurt-spice mixture) and the spicy tomato sauce. Tikka Masala with Tofu (Indian Curry) I am a big fan of Indian food and I love to try new dishes. I wanted to try Tikka Masala for a long time without any convenience paste from the supermarket and now I have tried it. The result has turned out very delicious and…

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  • Baked Oatmeal

    Healthy Baked Banana Oatmeal

    January 16, 2020Melanie

    Baked Oatmeal is a warm breakfast casserole consisting of oats. This breakfast is quick to make and already a great start to the day. Baked Oatmeal is healthy, delicious and perfect for meal prep. I love baked oatmeal for breakfast. It is healthy, delicious and very simple to make. Today I have a banana-based Baked Oatmeal for you and this recipe is also completely sugar-free. I have already prepared two other Baked Oatmeal variations that do not contain banana. If you prefer to try one without banana, you might like the Baked Oatmeal recipe with raspberries or the summerly Baked…

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  • Easy Avocado Pesto Mini

    Easy Avocado Pesto with Pasta

    January 9, 2020Melanie

    This avocado pesto not only tastes very creamy and delicious but is also very quick and easy to make. It is also nutritious, filling and flavorful because of the addition of roasted pine nuts. By the way, this recipe tastes extra delicious with Tortiglioni! First of all, Happy New Year! I hope you had a good start into the new year. The holidays are over and from now on I will create a lot of healthy vegan recipes on my blog. I want to focus even more on health and especially on healthy recipes. This year I would like to…

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