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Healthy Vegan Recipes and Desserts @Plantifulheart

About me

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Welcome to my Blog

Hi everyone,

My name is Melanie and since 2017 I have discovered a passion for healthy vegan food. I started posting on Instagram regularly and I still enjoy it today.

I also discovered a second passion: photography. Now I want to combine this and collect my recipes with the photos on my blog.

Maybe there will also be some articles about topics I’m interested in.

I would like to show you with my site that it is not difficult to lead a healthy lifestyle and that you can integrate this lifestyle well into the everyday life.
It doesn’t have to be complicated dishes. It can also work with simple plantbased meals. The main thing is that we take good care of ourselves because after all we only have this one life.

“Our bodies are our gardens to which our wills are gardeners.” – William Shakespeare