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I’m Melanie, I’m from Hamburg and I love food. But that I would start a food blog?! I would never have thought that. But now you are here 🙂

My Journey

In search of a suitable diet, I had some ups and downs. Even as a teenager I often had bowel and acid-related problems. Both physical and mental factors had an influence on it. However, my diet contributed a huge part to this. I ate a lot of cheese, often meat, sweets, and fast food. In between I tried to completely live without sugar, other times without dairy products, forbid myself to eat certain foods but all this only helped for a short time. Due to the restrictions, the experiments did not last for long. Ten years ago I traveled with a friend through Australia. At that time she was already vegan and so I switched to a vegetarian diet. Not because of my health but because I didn’t want to eat animals anymore. So it was an ethical decision.

Since I became a vegetarian I mostly ate gluten products, cheese and often sweets. Unfortunately, for a long time, I had more health issues again but this was also because of my life situation in general. I did not live according to my values and for the most part, did not lead the life I secretly wished for. Fortunately, at that time I found some inspiring people on the Internet who live according to their own values. At first, that was completely incomprehensible to me but then I started to trust myself more and more.


Actually, it all started with me doing yoga regularly. By the way, I really enjoyed exercise for the first time (besides walking with my pug Monty, of course). Little by little I took more and more (especially small) steps to shape my life according to my wishes and to focus my attention on the inside, not on the outside. As I was very interested in a healthy vegan diet, I started to post photos of my daily dishes on Instagram to motivate me to try different meals and to inspire other people. Then suddenly it became more. I realized how much I enjoy creating different vegan dishes and while working on Instagram, I discovered a new passion for myself: Photography. I put a lot of love into my food photography :-). I started to believe in myself and now I have created this blog that brings me so much joy and yes, I would never have expected that. With my current diet, I feel better than ever and I am happy about every single person who follows my food journey. By the way, I don’t forbid myself anything anymore!

About my Blog

What’s the moral of this story anyway?! Because the inspiration of other people who live according to their values has so positively influenced and changed my life, I want to share this with you. I want to help you lead a healthy life and show you how easy it is to cook without meat or dairy products. It helps the environment and animals. Even replacing your meat dishes two, three or even five days of the week is good for your health and environment. With healthy eating you also do yourself something good, not only physically, but also for the psyche. Here you will find simple, mainly healthy vegan dishes and desserts that you can prepare with little effort.

To get an impression of my diet, check out the article What is a plant-based diet and what are the benefits?.

You can also visit my recipes directly. They are divided into categories breakfast, dessert, and dinner.

Behind every great chef de cuisine is a brilliant sous chef who I don’t want to keep from you: Monty.


“A journey of a thousand
miles begins with a single step.” 
— Lao Tzu

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