• Pumpkin Bars with Chocolate Chips

    Healthy Pumpkin Bars with Chocolate Chips

    October 20, 2019Melanie

    These pumpkin bars with chocolate chips are moist, fluffy and super delicious. In addition, they consist mainly of healthy ingredients and are easy to make. Pumpkin Spice makes them very aromatic. This is the perfect snack for autumn! Right now I’m in a pumpkin baking and cooking fever. That’s why I made pumpkin bars with chocolate chips this time. A healthy autumn snack for in between or for a quick breakfast. These bars are very filling because of the pumpkin puree and in combination with chocolate chips they simply taste heavenly. Which ingredients do you need for these pumpkin bars…

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  • Pancakes Recipe

    Pumpkin Pancakes Recipe

    October 3, 2019Melanie

    Pancakes with pumpkin?! This is a really great combination! Do you also love pancakes for breakfast? Then try the Autumn version with pumpkin. How nice it is to make these delicious vegan and aromatic pancakes with pumpkin on a cool Sunday morning. It is impressive what you can do with a pumpkin. My favorite is the Hokkaido pumpkin because you can eat the skin. In my recipe, I use the Hokkaido pumpkin but I’m sure you can try it with another sort. Pumpkin Pancakes Recipe I´m surprised how yummy pancakes taste with pumpkin puree. The pancakes are so fluffy and…

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  • Pumpkin Slices

    Two savory and simple pumpkin meals (gluten free)

    February 1, 2019Melanie

    Savory and simple pumpkin meals As promised I have two savory and simple pumpkin dishes for you this time. I have become a big pumpkin fan this year. I liked pumpkin before but this year I’ve tried some new delicious variations and it´s great what you can do with a pumpkin. Especially the pumpkin pancakes surprised me. The pumpkin can also be used for gluten-free dishes (such as pumpkin bread or sweet desserts). Why use fennel more often? I prepared both pumpkin versions in the oven. The first version is a kind of Buddha Bowl. I think potatoes and pumpkin…

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