• Pancakes Recipe

    Pumpkin Pancakes Recipe

    October 3, 2019Melanie

    Pancakes with pumpkin?! This is a really great combination! Do you also love pancakes for breakfast? Then try the Autumn version with pumpkin. How nice it is to make these delicious vegan and aromatic pancakes with pumpkin on a cool Sunday morning. It is impressive what you can do with a pumpkin. My favorite is the Hokkaido pumpkin because you can eat the skin. In my recipe, I use the Hokkaido pumpkin but I’m sure you can try it with another sort. Pumpkin Pancakes Recipe I´m surprised how yummy pancakes taste with pumpkin puree. The pancakes are so fluffy and…

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  • Banana Pancakes with Stars

    Banana Chocolate Chip Pancakes

    May 19, 2019Melanie

    Who doesn’t love eating pancakes for breakfast? The other day I wanted to create a new Pancakes recipe. Since I had some overripe bananas left I had the idea to make Chunky Monkey Pancakes. Basically, these are banana pancakes with chocolate chips and walnuts. This combination is absolutely delicious and I highly recommend it. I prefer to eat Pancakes on Sunday for breakfast or as a snack. Even without milk and eggs, you can make delicious, fluffy pancakes. How to make the best banana chocolate chip pancakes? Pancakes can be easily prepared without milk or eggs. For this recipe, I…

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  • Spelt Pancakes (sugar free)

    January 30, 2019Melanie

    Pancakes for Breakfast Today I have my vegan standard pancake recipe for you. These pancakes are quick to make and you only need a few ingredients that most of you already have at home. Pancakes are also the perfect way to start the day, aren’t they? I think there is nothing better on Sunday morning than a delicious, fluffy pancake tower. Egg Substitute You can also try out different variations. There are some ways to replace the egg and these will change the consistency/flavour a bit depending on the egg substitute. I love to eat banana for example but if…

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